Ez Silva is an artist whose hand-drawn illustrations offer a unique glimpse into the world of femininity. Based in the vibrant city of Rotterdam, she uses her art as a medium to express her emotions, crafting ethereal and dreamy stories that depict the beauty and complexity of the female essence. With each illustration, she transports her audience into a magical world where women are celebrated for their strength, vulnerability, and sensuality.


TRUST - Ez Silva

The inner battle with oneself is a timeless struggle, and for many, the difficulty lies in trusting their own intuition. It can feel like a constant tug-of-war between what the mind thinks it knows and what the heart feels is right. For Ez Silva, this struggle is not unfamiliar. As an artist who creates emotionally charged illustrations, she often finds herself grappling with her own gut feelings.

At times, she wonders if she should be bolder, more daring in her creative choices, but then doubts creep in, and she begins to question her instincts. However, she also knows that trusting her intuition is essential to her art. It's what allows her to create the dreamy stories that she's known for and to bring her female characters to life on paper.

Custom artwork - Marian 70 x 100 cm - Gouache paint on paper 

Custom artwork for DKB 2023 - LILLIAN - Ez Silva