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Ez Silva ( 1985 ) is a self-taught  contemporary artist from the city of Rotterdam. Her illustrations depict women with an inward-looking gaze. She explains that they illustrate both the introvert as well as the extravert qualities of the female experience; their power but also their introspection.


They are shown in profile with their eyes closed and their bodies are often contorted into the most beautiful poses. Of this she says: “The poses are meant to catch the spectator attention, whilst the closed eyes maintain a certain distance to the audience. These females are powerful and vulnerable at the same time and I wish them to be a mirror in which women see themselves reflected.” In short, Ez Silva wants to show all the contrasting facets of what it entails to be a woman.


She is driven by her emotions to create images of femininity and seldom searches for inspiration outside of herself. Like her figures, she is an introvert in certain ways, who, at the same time, likes the company of others.


Ez was born in the mountainous region of Cape Verde in a village of São Nicolau. At the age of 8, she moved to the Netherlands with her mother and her many siblings to settle down in the West of Rotterdam, a multicultural neighborhood known for its colorful mix of nationalities. Rotterdam is her home base, a place she feels safe and content at.


If you wish to contact her, feel free to do so. Whether it be for a collaboration, a commission or the exchange of creative ideas, do not hesitate!


Written by Karolina Grenczyk

Ez Silva


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