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About Ez Silva


Ez Silva (1985) is a Rotterdam-based contemporary artist. She is fascinated with the female form and explores the many facets of femininity.



Silva’s artwork is a representation of the feminine; female strength and emotional versatility. She depicts sensual and strong women, viewed from the side in an Art Nouveau / Art Deco inspired style that breathes mystery, strength and romance. Ez Silva is incredibly passionate about the many women portrayed in her art. Their freedom of movement, strength through vulnerability and boundless versatility are a great source of inspiration. Their emotional resilience is seen in their postures and movements. Strong women are shown in voluptuous shape.  Ez Silva’s women are mythical, yet extremely earthly and are portrayed in a sensual and emotional manner. 


Drawing as storytelling
Every drawing has its own unique story. It is this storytelling character through which Ez Silva communicates with her audience. 

Her drawings evoke questions about identity, femininity, strength and vulnerability.  The mythical portrayal of women allows space for the interpreter of her work to experience and reflect on their own emotional world. Whether it’s joy, sadness, passion, pain, lust, beauty, comfort, recognition, shame, unease, love or disgust; you cannot help but to be moved by her drawings. Her artwork is all about finding out who she is as a woman, who she wants to be and how she wants to express herself as an artist to the world. 


Cabo Verde

Ez Silva grew up in Cabo Verde with eight brothers and sisters. When she was 8 her family moved to Rotterdam. Growing up in a big family as the youngest of her siblings she developed a strong individuality. She is meticulous and a perfectionist, which is reflected in her artwork. 



To Ez every detail has meaning, every line carefully drawn-out, every colour matching her mood.When she starts to draw, she starts on a blank page, without any intent or idea, only to express what is inside of her. What happens then is that the drawing begins to speak to her to tell a story or express a feeling. She is emotionally connected to the lines, expression, position and colours. She starts with pencil on paper and hand draws every work of art and does the finishing touches digitally. The colours she uses are earthly and representative of the elements. 


As an entrepreneur Ez Silva has been able to engage with her audience in an open and honest way. She wants to expand her reach and reach more people. 

Ez Silva


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