Cry - High quality giclée fine art print


High quality giclée fine art print. Limited editions of 50.

No frame included.

Hand-signed and numbered.


310 gr / m2 paper
100% cotton paper with a slightly grained pressing that recalls authentic etching paper. 


All orders are shipped from Rotterdam,  the Netherlands, using PostNL. 

Shipping: 2/3 weeks


Crying in Life

Crying is a release of pain but
Can become our fears,
Uncontrolled, they can become a tsunami.
Destroying all future hopes,

Therefore, cry but let them go.
We need control their magnitude.
If not tears can control us...
Making us become a puppet.

So let’s become the puppeteer..
Use our tears as a weapon but to creaate
“Cathedrals of hope.” for
Hopes can become tears of joy.

So whether we cry over loss
Of falling short of our dreams,
Remember tears can create
Miracles of faith as well.